Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday April 4 2011

Not much to today...I said many Very Bad Words when I saw all the snow on the ground last night--a bit of a surprise after having been out for a walk with the kids, all of us in our hoodies and sneakers. But, waking up to rain washing all the snow away didn't make it better--just wetter and greyer.

So, here's to cheerful things...
The Blanton Museum of Art, located at The University of Texas at Austin, had a recent installation, "A Knitted Wonderland." 
 In a site-specific installation led by textile artist Magda Sayeg, the trunks of all 99 trees in between the museum’s Michener and Smith buildings have been covered with colorful yarn, crafted by over 170 local volunteer knitters. In a community effort reminiscent of American quilting bees, Sayeg’s intervention with the space will transform visitor’s experience of the natural landscape. 
 The installation is over (although I wonder if that just means formally and the knitting is still up?), but pictures are all over the net. Check out some on a Flickr account of Poivrelvre, or Google and find others. (Including below, found at knittaplease.)

Who knew? Saturday was International Pillow Fight Day. I didn't know or I'd have had the pillows out...  The Star has a photo essay from around the world.


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