Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday April 2

Took a couple days off there--on Wednesday night, I discovered that SOMEBODY in my house had gone on my computer and closed all the links I'd left open. As I go through my day and discover something interesting I want to share, I leave it up...I sometimes have quite a number. Usually it's not a problem because if Chrome gets closed unexpectedly, it will restore all previously-opened tabs...but if someone comes along and intentionally closes all of 'em...well then you get little ol' me too depressed to try and remember them all to retrieve.

Then, there was the whole April 1 thing...I actually tried to avoid most of my sites yesterday as it was too irritating to try and figure out what was real and what wasn't. The Guy did a post on how he was working on the Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark mini-series (based on the muscial) and he'd fallen and broken his wrist--and his joke was a little too subtle because he and I got A LOT of inquiries as to his health and whether he needed some fellow creators to pitch in and help him finish it!

So, I'm back. And it's not April Fools Day. So, here I go...

This turned up on you can see why I was a little leery. But, it's still up today and they're trumpeting about all the April 1st jokes on the 'net, so I'm going to go ahead and say this one's safe.  McMaster develops cat allergy medicine.

Austin Kleon has a great little art and text essay, HOW TO STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST (AND 9 OTHER THINGS NO ONE EVER TOLD ME).

(I'm going to presume this is based on the Pablo Picasso quote, "Good artists copy. Great artists steal." The Guy quotes that to me all the time.)

If you have the time, wander around Kleon's site--there's some great stuff there. He also has a site based on his book, Newspaper Blackout ...he takes articles out of the paper, and blacks out all the words but those that will create a "poem". The results can be amazing." (I was sure he had a Tumblr for the poetry as well, but I can't find it at the moment...I've been mostly avoiding my Tumblr, so I can't recall it off the top of my head)
The FBI is asking the public's help in solving a 12 year old murder. The victim liked to write notes in code, and when he was murdered he had a pocket full of notes in this code. The FBI hasn't been able to break want a shot at it?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to the entertainment world as a cartoon character had a photo shoot with Schwarzenegger and comic creator Stan Lee.


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