Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday March 30

I had made some level of conscious decision to just hunker down and ignore the Canadian election until it's time to vote...but clearly, my deeply-held anger and fear won't allow that. So, now I'm angry and depressed which is not the way to begin a morning in which I'd like to get lots and lots of creative work done...let's see if I can work past it in the next few minutes!

So, to get it out of the way and move's an article from The Australian which is making the 'rounds of those I know on FB. The title pretty much says it all, Canada watches its democracy erode. It is not inaccurate.
A couple of professors from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee decided to conduct a study of female engineering students/engineers to see why they dropped out of their programs, or their employment. The initial thinking was that it would be stories of dropping out to have babies and raise a family and found that was true only for a quarter of the women. Read on for the other reasons...
Perez Hilton To Publish Children's Book. No, it's not April 1.
Heather Mallick, of The Toronto Star, has written What to wear for Slutwalk.  Like the article (not generally a fan of her writing though), don't like that no one thought to include any links. So, read the article then click through to Slutwalk to find out the Who, Why, What, Where and When of it all.
Okay. I'm not all happy and positive yet. But blue trees should help!  The Vancouver Biennale, an outdoor art show will feature "...a set of trees that have received a rich yet enviromentally-safe “temporary colourant” designed to fade gradually over the course of a few weeks." From artist Konstantin Dimopoulos, they're featured on the blog, The Dirt. Click through for more photos and information.


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