Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday February 25

Having one of those weeks where I'm a little burned out on the world...I don't care if Jennifer Aniston had a haircut. Actually, I can't believe anyone does...  I get why the world is pretending it matters that Justin Bieber got a haircut:  the kid is worth a lot of money to the entertainment industry right now, not to mention that his movie which was just released into theatres what? two weeks ago, is being re-released in another week as "The Director's Fan Cut". Oh, preteen and teenaged girls--realise now that the Entertainment World just wants your money. It doesn't respect you, babies, and it never will...

So...what's out in the world that isn't politics (I literally don't want to hear about Sarah Palin until she actually is an official candidate for something. Right now, she has as much potential impact on my world as a Real Housewife of Anywhere), civil war and strife (I know that G20 police behaved appallingly to some of the protesters--but the complaints of the protesters seem almost trivial given what is happening to protesters around the world. What kind of insane bravery does it take to protest your government when you know that people have been shot to death for doing so?).


yep, still thinking.
So, Toronto's Awesome Foundation has picked it's first winner. If you'd heard of Toronto Awesome Foundation, you might have thought it was a joke--but after giving their first winner "a paper bag filled with $1,000" they're sharing the laughs. The idea was simple:  tell the Foundation something you wanted to do for Toronto that would be awesome. The winner is an artist who wants to put white dots with numbers on Toronto roofs--y'know, "T-dots"--and then, a massive sky-game of Connect-the-Dots will be possible. Click through and read The Toronto Star story and check out The Awesome Foundation-Toronto's website for more info.
I'm actually well-over 30Rock so I missed that on last night's episode they parodied as "", ""It's this really cool feminist website where women talk about how far we've come and which celebrities have the worst beach bodies." hahahahahahhaha! Brilliant! And of course, thank you meta world, I read all about it on Jezebel...
I couldn't link to this before with the new layout on Jezebel (yep, I'm a hater, too--partly because, you CAN'T link to stories anymore, you can just "like" them. If you try to link to something, the link comes up "empty"), but I too would like to know why Oprah has an affinity for experts who don't actually have any credentials--or who have lost/given up their credentials for various not-good reasons. I realise that Oprah has had a lot of guests on over the years, a lot of experts...but the ones that Jezebel cites in this article, would be the ones most people could name even if they've never ever seen a single episode of Oprah. It is a Strange Thing about Oprah, that I for one don't understand...
It probably won't last for long but a commenter on a Jezebel story pointed out that if you use uk.[blogname].com for the various Gawker sites (Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Kotaku, Fleshbot, Jezebel, Gawker, io9) that you will get the old layout. Run and enjoy it while you can!
Okay. Enough for me...I'm off to work.

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