Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowpocalypse? Not snow much...

It's Wednesday here in Canada-land, and we're slowly digging out. But, until the laneway is cleared I'm stuck here at my computer, getting some work done. On a quick break, here's what I've found:

Dr. Who Bunnies:  the one and only Lar DeSouza clearly has TOO much time on his hands--how I don't know, what with being a husband and father; doing all the art for Least I Could Do, Beginnings, and Looking for Group, with Ryan Sohmer; art-directing Gutters; and doing a weekly U-Stream Friday nights. Now, Lar has added to the pop culture menagerie yet again. A couple months back, Lar joined various artists on Twitter contributing their take on  #MRVLCATS (see prints of his kitties in his shop). Check his shop for his Dr. Who bunnies, and look around at other Lar creations.

Interview with Courtney Wolfson, producer of  Tights and Fights:  I have a higher-than-average awareness of Tights and Fights as right now, I'm finishing up the colouring on some webart for it. But for those of you who have been noticing all the webseries out there right now competing for our attention and thought, "wow, those must be easy to do" here's some reading before you put on your costume and pick up your video/digital camera.

Casting Lois Lane:  every popculture site/magazine has expressed their opinion of Henry Cavill as it's time to speculate about casting Lois Lane right up until it's announced.  This is Blastr's list.  (All I ask is that it not be Blake Lively. Oh. God. No. I don't understand the Blake Lively love that Hollywood--and Vogue Magazine--are feeling. The few seconds of her I've seen in the Green Lantern trailer have only hardened my opinions...)

Open Media's Stop the Meter Campaign:  The campaign is still going full-strength...although the CRTC passed the bill, yesterday the Prime Minister tweeted,

pmharper Stephen Harper
We're very concerned about CRTC's decision on usage-based billing and its impact on consumers. I've asked for a review of the decision.

Obviously, this doesn't necessarily mean that we're all saved from the injustices Bell Telephone plans to unleash upon make sure you go to OpenMedia's Stop the Meter site and sign the petition, and click to their Facebook site so that you can follow all the latest details.

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