Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday February 17

Cruising through the morning internet...nothing catching my fancy. I'm reserving judgment on David Kelley's Wonder Woman until it actually gets made, so there's that...but it is amazing in the world of the internet with all the entertainment websites, what qualifies as "news" now. Why is every moment of casting now news? 

Then, today The Toronto Star actually did a story about the fact that actress Jessica Alba announced her pregnancy on Facebook.  Why does that require a story? Actress publicises self on her page on public site. Wow...there's a radical concept. The story wasn't "she's pregnant", but   "announced on Facebook." No. No, that's not news...  Nor is it news, "Jessica Alba shows off bump on red carpet" and the pictures show her in a beautiful full heavily pleated dress well-designed to skim over almost anything. "Showing off her bump" would have required her to...actually do something to show it off. Like the ubiquitous red carpet shot for pregnant actresses where they turn sideways grabbing the bottom of said bump. Wearing a dress that hides it so well that people were starting to whisper about her weight gain is not "showing off".

 I'm getting tired of an entertainment internet so obsessed with it's own self-imposed mandate to tell us EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME RIGHT NOW that it's full of "showing off her bump" to mean that an actress turned up in public. Or the one that always amazes me, when a couple who the tabloid press is rumouring is on the rocks, "appears in public to shoot down the rumours". I understand that in a world with these very odd people, Heidi and whathisname, that there are people completely and utterly obsessed with their press, and trying to get into the papers/magazines/websites every single day...but I also think that when you catch a telephoto lens pic of a couple at the grocery store parking lot together that it might be that they went out shopping for groceries and not for a moment did they consider how this would "present" to the rest of the world. This idea the "entertainment press" tries to promote that because they exist, no star goes out into the world without first considering how they are presenting themselves to that press is eye-rollingly idiotic.

It just seems like a lame-ass way to continue to assert that it's okay to send out the photographers with the telephoto lenses, "well, the stars expect it--they want it even." I know the world has Paris Hiltons, Lindsay Lohans and too many Kardashians in it, calling up the press to let them know where they can be seen every minute of the day...but I'm pretty sure that the last three years of Brad and Angelina going out to restaurants for dinner has been them going out to dinner, not "putting a brave face on the infidelity rumours" or "showing a united front for the press".
--------------------------------------------------------- has what they have decided are the "15 Worst TV Spin-Offs Ever". Starting the list with Joey shows that they're pretty serious about this...
Jezebel thinks that a "Baby Gorilla Taking His First Steps Is The Most Wonderful Thing You Will See Today".  
How well do you think a person would fare without a big chunk of their brain? Much to the amazement of doctors and scientists, a three year old boy has been living without a cerebellum, the part of the brain that deals with muscle control, language and other functions. Ultrasounds showed that he had it before birth, but there is no evidence of it now.

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