Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday February 27

So, apparently the only thing in the ENTIRE universe that anyone is paying attention to is the little ol' Oscars tonight. 'Cause, what else could possibly be of any importance?

At least I'll get my work done--all the entertainment blogs are going to be completely boring today. Everyone endlessly debating who "will" win, who "should" win, just so that tomorrow we'll get the lists of who "did" win, and again, who "should" have won. And what everyone wore based on what their stylists gave them to wear based on how good a stylist they could afford, and how good a designer and designer discount the stylist could scare up. And there will be the horrible little diamond blah blah--some jeweller always designs a wildly expensive...something made out of a lot of diamonds, and he picks some minor starlet to wear it, so he gets lots of publicity and she gets lots of publicity. Given that I was anti-diamonds long before any Leonardo DiCaprio movies, I just find the whole thing repugnant (not to mention that 'whole lot of diamonds" is not an interesting design concept in itself, and the design doesn't often go past that).
An American architect is working in Haiti, with a team, to create homes from whatever materials can be scrounged up from around them. They're called "Earthship homes"--and I think they're amazing. According to the article, the only cost is from the cement and sundries:  each home costs $5,000.

A writer by the name of Maggie Serota came up with a fun Tumblr site, Daily Urban Legend. You can read Maggie's, or you can send in your own. She has a reader who is teaching various legends to her students with the hopes of getting them to believe in ten of them before Spring Break! Maggie reports that the students believed the entirely newly-fabricated story that every 23 minutes someone gets a misspelled tatttoo, and that they argued that they thought it was actually more frequent than that!


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