Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday February 14 2011

Valentine's Day. Whoop. Have never been able to get excited about Valentine's Day in much fashion. Giving birth to a daughter on February 14, 2001 it's the birthday of Katherine Rose (For various reasons, my midwife had to call an OB/GYN in after the birth, and she announced that she was busy trying to talk all the parents into Valentine's Day names.  She was pretty sure the boy she had just delivered was going to have Valentino for a middle name. We declined...but by the next day, Ty was pretty wedded to the idea of Rose because, said he, "she's my little Valentine's Day Rose".)

So Happy Birthday, my girl.
I'm willing to acknowledge Valentine's Day just enough to link to a HuffPo slideshow of funny Valentine's Day cards.
Watched The Grammy's last night. Was really looking forward to the various performances.

That's three hours and twenty minutes of my life I will never get back.
(Thanks to Salon) Here's an article which asks and answers the question, "Do funky fonts actually help you remember?"
I'm still feeling kinda irritated about The Grammy's, so it would be a good time to read about Bristol Palin's could it possibly make me more irritated? This is the world we live in, people.
An article about Americans, The Bible, and what they've actually read, and what they actually understand...a review of The Rise and Fall of The Bible:  The History of an Accidental Book
And the latest casting news for Batman 3?  Marion Cotillard.  No word as to who she's playing...kinda interesting casting as more than a few bloggers/opinionators were expressing hope that she would play Catwoman, before Anne Hathaway was cast.
Okay. Off to find a decent cup of coffee...  And to find some decent music to listen to, muttering crankily the whole time, "This is what good music is! This is how to perform a song! These are actual song lyrics!"

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