Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday. Is Wednesday.

Middle of the week...already! I have no idea how that happened...  I've got work to be done that has to be done more-or-less RIGHT NOW so I'll make this quick:

from The Nerdy Bird's blog, an optical illusion for DC and Marvel fans (I'm not adding the illo here 'cause you HAVE TO CLICK THROUGH.)
CollegeHumor saves the day for every awkward teenaged boy, Learning Guitar Well Enough... to get you laid.
From The Toronto Star, "Woman buys the sun, plans to charge tax on the rays". Really. Seriously.
The day after the Super Bowl, I was trying to describe the now-infamous Groupon ad to The Guy. He thought I was kidding. He eventually hunted it down--and came to tell me open-mouthed with shock. He was far from alone, so Groupon has issued a statement. Excerpts are on Jezebel along with other "Backlash and Backpedaling...,"
I actually managed to muddle my way through's horrible, horrible HORRIBLE new layout (all the Gawker sites have changed to it and did I mention that it's HORRIBLE) and found this...What if Superman was a Disney cartoon? Seems like it's tempting fate even to ask the question, but click through to see Superman Classic, by animator Robb Pratt.
And has an interview with Dean Haspiel, one of the founders of ACT-I-VATE, comic book artist for American Splendor, and the man who does the opening credits and supplies the artwork for HBO's Bored to Death. 
That's it for now...driving back from dropping my kid off at high school, I actually had this weird sense memory of a really, really good coffee. I have no idea where to get a really, really good coffee in Mississauga, so I had to settle for a run through Starbucks. So I'm going to drink my latte and finish my work, so I can start my work, so I can get to my other work...

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