Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday February 26


after reading about the Conservatives holding a majority in Canadian opinion polls, Libya, and Ontario Hydro spraying Agent Orange all over town up until '79, I'm feeling a little cranky. So, I might start with some crankiness and work up to something, if not happier, more moving...
I've tried to avoid all mentions of Charlie Sheen--obviously a difficult thing to do, these days. And to me, it's not an interesting story--tv star who makes his network a lot of money is allowed to careen out of control no matter what a danger he poses to those around him. It doesn't help when I do read something and discover that he actually has a very loooong history of women accusing him of abuse and death threats. Matt Zoller Seitz has a very-well written article, at Salon, that I (intentionally) missed when it was published January 31. Seitz makes a lot of interesting, incisive points, and comes up with one of the more quotable--and debatable--lines I've read in a while,
 The minute we start boycotting artists based on their depraved personal lives, there won't be much art left to enjoy.
"Why Charlie Sheen remains a TV superstar" 
Jezebel was very self-awarely amused by 30Rock's parody of them on Thursday night--we're all agreed that JOANofSNARK would be one of the great blog names of all time! Salon has a very good article about Jezebel, 30Rock, female comedians, feminism and hypocrisy, "30Rock" takes on feminist hypocrisy--and its own.
Slowly working up to the good stuff...

There are those who despise American Idol with a fiery, fiery passion and contempt. There are those who merely hate it a lot. Those who admit to liking it will do so with lots of qualifications so that they're not sneered at...  I'm past my days of "liking" it...I discovered it the year Fantasia auditioned. I was channel-flipping, bored, stopped on it and watched, rather mesmerized. The Guy wandered into the room, and sat down equally mesmerized by That Girl with the Voice. The children ended up joining in the next week, because they liked that Mom and Dad would argue and comment loudly over contestants and songs, and that they could voice their opinions, too. Is there an inherent silliness to a talent show that only allows singers 90 seconds of song? Yep. Is it a show that's all about the Almighty Dollar? Is water wet? But, it's a show that we watch weekly as a family precisely for those reasons listed before--we watch it together, we comment and critique, and everyone gets a word in. The kids get to hear Dad the musician/singer comment knowledgeably, and get to hear Mom the completely nonmusical one counter or agree. Slowly, they're adding to their musical vocabulary and figuring out what they like and dislike in the world of music.

So, that not-quite mea culpa out of the way, I present to you, Casey Abrams. I'm not going to give him more of an introduction than that--but if you like music, if you like the unexpected, click through. And no, he won't sound the slightest bit like Kelly Clarkson...

Bow to Casey Abrams, your most unlikely "Idol" yet

Wow, really was the only site that caught my attention today. How did that happen?

Here's my last of the morning...I don't actually want to put the title which gives the impression that it's an article about how Adele is the "new gay icon" when it's really about, "wow that Adele--isn't she amazing." I do think Adele is amazing--I love love love this girl.

The Rise of Adele, new gay icon

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