Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday February 15

Today, the day after Valentine's Day...let the bitterness begin for those who felt that their Beloved didn't buy enough to prove their love.

And for the non-bitter in the crowd...
According to The Daily Beast, the recipe for Coca-Cola was printed in a newspaper in 1979. They've put it together the list so you can run out to the store for ingredients (just as soon as you figure out what "neroli" is).
I found the first season of Glee wildly inconsistent--even in episodes I liked there would be moments that would cause me to utterly cringe (almost anything to do with Terri faking her pregnancy). But, there's no getting around the fact that Season 2 has been even bumpier and more inconsistent. Accusations of being too earnest, trying too hard, trying to create role models, stunt casting...some really bad songs. Matt Zoller Seitz of Salon ponders a fix...
And (oh thank you Salon for having lots to read this morning), Mary Elizabeth Williams talks about The Rise of the Celebrity Stoner, in light of Seth Rogen's less than funny Grammy quip about smoking up with Miley Cyrus.
And--seriously? SERIOUSLY? There are companies that offer "wedding leave?"

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