Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Morningish, okay, it's after Noon

Was not in the mood for pop culture yesterday! Who knew such a thing could be said? Spent the day trying to get work done, and getting the son psyched for his performance at his high school for the Divisional level of the Sears Drama Festival. Then went to see son at said performance. Then spent a couple of hours talking the son "down" after he'd listened to the adjudicator's assessment of the performances (loooooooooooooong story short:  every one has their own opinion, rarely are assessments of public performances universal...but if you stand up on a stage and give a 20 minute public assessment filled with positivity and praise it strikes me as downright cruel, and a trifle bizarre, if you're then going to take those happy, relaxed students off for a private adjudication and then tell them that you hated every single thing you just told the audience you loved.)

So...a bit tired today. But lots for me to do. I've been reading the intertubes this morning searching for something more interesting than the Cheddar Bear Crackers recipe I found.  Here's an item or two which caught my eye:


I genuinely thought that the animated movie Hoodwinked was one of the worst movies I've never seen. I say "never" as I used to have my workspace in my kitchen and thus, was privy to everything my children would watch in the nearby living room. I heard the entire movie--and it made me want to HULK SMASH. Wandering into the room occasionally to see if the visuals had any relation to the dialogue did not help matters. I personally found the animation clunky, awkward and visually unappealing. Everyone in the family but the youngest child agreed...and the youngest was five years old at the time. I don't believe the movie has played in the house since she turned 6. Colour me beyond astonished that this one got a sequel--oh, just did a quick Wiki. Yep, the first one was released in 2005; this one was to be released January of last year but the rights got held up. And according to Wiki, I am far from alone in my (intense fiery) dislike of it:

"Critical reception has been mixed. On Rotten Tomatoes, as of February 2011, the film has garnered a positivity rating of 48%, out of 122 reviews.[1] On Metacritic, it received a score of 45/100 ("mixed or average reviews").[2] On its 4-day opening weekend, the box office totaled up to $16,879,402. It has grossed $110,013,167 worldwide, including $51,386,611 in the United States.[3] Its major acclaim seemed to be the animation which was considered "loose" and "very real world modern like". It was praised also for its original premise and story."
So...all this and yet there's a sequel. Check out the trailer for Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil if you're curious, or genuinely fond of the first.

Oh, Salon--thank you for saving me from the boringness that is now Huffington Post. Once upon a time, HuffPo could be relied on for a variety of stories ranging from the serious of World Events to the silliness of Hollywood. Now, it seems like it's about putting a couple of serious stories Front Page just to make it look responsible--then off they go to the glitz and stupidity of the infotainment world. (One of today's headers:  WATCH:  Man-eating Elephant. Seriously--it said "watch". Really. No. And, no, I'm not linking to it. Go find it yourself).

I don't always agree with the individual Salon writers but there is always something to read, even as it runs the same gamut as HuffPo from the serious to the silly. I'm not linking to the serious here...but know that it's there if you want to go find it!

So, today's silly is a slideshow, "What if the villains were the good guys?". The list is soooo much more than I thought it would be (ie, it includes Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Robert Zemeckis' Beowulf). Check it out, maybe discover something new.

I have this bookmarked as I want to use this as a jumping-off point for a rant, but until then, I thought I'd post it here. The Myth of Joyful Parenthood:  The Ultimate Cognitive Dissonance? (and look--it's from HuffPo! Silly me). Now, I think the ultimate cognitive dissonance was last night's adjudication of the Sears Drama Festival entries...or it could be the belief that the world is clamoring for a Hoodwinked Two, but this does rate up there! An interesting read, some interesting thoughts...
Off to drive kids around...maybe find a good coffee to help me move my day along.

Enjoy yours...

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