Friday, February 4, 2011

Morning Links

So, online sites, including The Daily Beast, are getting their hands on David E. Kelly's draft for the pilot of his Wonder Woman tv script  (of course!), and writing up the best bits for us. Superhero fans can be heard snickering all over the world. Oh boy. Oh boy. The "progressive" feminism of Ally McBeal is firmly in place...I'm picturing the opening credits looking like an old Charlie's perfume commercial from the late 70s.

And superheroes are in the news in a strange, strange way:  I completely missed the first part of the story but apparently, Superman producer Ilya Salkind has been found. A website had been set up to ask for help after he disappeared while in Mexico.
------------------------------------ has a link and an article about "Born Gay, Born This Way" a site which features childhood photos of gay people which they think shows something about who they were, who they would become.
 Says Jezebel writer Dodai Stewart,

"All of the kiddie photos are adorable, and each story is unique. It could be argued that these tales are preaching to the choir — it's not like right-wing homophobes or "chosen lifestyle"-believing wingnuts are going to check the site daily. But as long as young people are terrified to come out, as long as gay people are harassed, assaulted or bullied, as long as same-sex marriage is illegal or not recognized, we need to be flooded with images and stories that remind us of the human faces behind the issues."

Read more:"

An article from The Toronto Star, "NASA Telescope finds more than 1,ooo possible new planets" that's ridiculously cool.


(thanks to Mike Marano for the heads up!) apparently, all the speculation about Lois Lane casting is for naught--Superherohype has an article about the three actresses in contention for the lead in the new Superman movie and they're all blondes...  no word on who the character is so let speculation begin anew.


HobbyStar's one day Toronto ComiCon is on Sunday. Georges Jeanty, Mike Del Mundo, Marcio Takara and Dave Ross are scheduled guests. Sunday February 6 2011, 11-6pm at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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