Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Morning, waiting for the snow...

Life would be better if I could find a copy of Season 3 Supernatural in the stores. Someone sent me a link so I could order it online, but I have a whole "wanna grab it and walk out of the store and watch it right away" jones going right now. Obviously, by not being able to find it, that jones is getting pretty bad...but still I search. All the stores have Seasons 1 and 4--what's that about? Also, I refuse to buy from one of the stores where they're keeping the MSR as the price! I saw a listing for an online store which advertised it at GREAT SAVINGS!! Yes...if you're using the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail price (or as you allege it to be) of $70+ (and seriously--what manufacturer would suggest that these days?!!), and that you're offering if on special for only $55+, you're out of your tiny little retail mind.

It's hard to wait...but I'll get my copies someday. And then I'll watch the hell out of them.
I try not to check out any of Salgood Sam's   DreamLife before I start colouring work, or I'm too demoralised. That's my own little angsty artist moment--but damn, the guy is good! And as good as he is with colour, look at the drawing! Love Max's stuff (Max Douglas for those not in the know). Check out DreamLife, then head over to check out Revolver (can't get that last r backwards, sorry!). Less colour, just as much talent...

Not an online comic, but if you're on Facebook, click through to take a look at the art from Monolith, as drawn by Phil Winslade. The book was written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, and only ran for twelve issues. There's a Facebook Fan Page for the book, oh-so-politely titled Monolith needs a trade (please)! trying to drum up interest and show DC Comics that...well, just what it says actually.  If you've never seen Phil Winslade's work before, and you're a comics fan, click through and take a look. It's staggering...grown men, especially grown comic book artist men have been known to grow weak and cry when they took a look at it.
Keeping on the webcomics theme for one more entry, Salgood Sam gathers up a collection of links to online comics every weekend, and publishes them over at Sequential (another one of his websites--Salgood is a busy, busy man!). 12.Feb.2011. Hey Kids, Comix! 
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- has a slideshow of 24 Rom-Com Cliches We'd Retire. Yes, yes and yes. It will of course just lead to a chorus of people asking, "Why can't Hollywood make romantic comedies that are romantic...and comedic?"
...and has an interview with Charlaine Harris about her...videogame? Yep, there's a videogame based on a vamp she created for her Sookieverse.

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