Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday February 20, sunny and cold

Waiting for more snow. Ugh. Although it wasn't as sunny, and when the snow first melts the world always ends up so grey for a while (all those pools of water from the huge hills of melting snow!), I really appreciated that little blast of spring.
So the McMichael Gallery of Ontario has a new show...about Marilyn Monroe? Yep, my brain stopped when I read that, too. Apparently,
Part of the McMichael mandate says the curator “is to reference ideas about influences on our cultural identity, on pop-cultural influences, particularly the image sources of American culture coming through film and other sources. ‘Monroe in Canada’ references the legacy she has left within Canada, with visual artists referencing her image and some poets offering their remembrances of her.”
It's not one but two separate shows:  Monroe in Canada, and Life as a Legend, the latter a photography show that has been touring the world.

The Toronto Star has another article of interest to me:  Vit Wagner talks to Christopher Butcher about his upcoming talk for Freedom to Read Week. Chris will be talking specifically about the censorship that happens to Japanese manga when it's being translated and published for a North American audience. Other Freedom to Read events are listed at the website.
A quick read from on "girls in pop culture with grit". Give it a read, and see if you can think of any others...
Off to begin my workday...ah, the joys of freelancing when your only day off is a day when you don't have a job.

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