Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday March 1

Salon has a slideshow, Ordinary folks changing the world. Pretty straightforward--and an interesting read.
Ah, World--you amuse me sometimes:  I have talked to completely intelligent, perceptive, thoughtful human beings...who happen to be white and middle-class and who happen to be terrified that now, "all the minorities" are getting the advantages of hiring practices and this means that "white people" will now lose out. I've tried to point out that all it means is that it's no longer that they are automatically front of the line--it's now more of a first-come, first-serve world, but there are those who have their here's a "white guy" who decided to do something about it; Concerned White Man Starts Scholarship for Guys Like Him
So, 150,000 Gmail users found out--very much the hard way--that their accounts with all their lovely emails had been deleted on the weekend. Gmail is still investigating the whys and wherefores and trying to retrieve their emails for them. Here's a quick article and some advice to make sure it doesn't happen to you--and me!
A wedding with Cartoon characters! The bride was Jessica Rabbit, the groom Clark Kent. Click through for more details.
I would be broke for years if I tried to buy enough of the following for all the people who would want it--so I'm just putting up the link and they can get their own!!

Star Trek Bathrobes from Think Geek

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