Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday March 18

I think I'm going to start some sort of official petition to make sure that the start of Daylight Savings Time and March Break never coincide again:  the kids and I have spent the whole week looking at the clock and announcing in shock, "Is that the time? Is THAT really the time?" and of course, it always really is.
There is a new translation of the Bible out called, New International Version Bible. This version is done with gender-neutral pronouns and the idea that there probably were a few women wandering around...  Big surprise! There are groups upset with this.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- writer Mandi Bierly says,
There’s only one guy we know of who could get mobbed by the hordes at Comic-Con and the moms at Costco: Nathan Fillion.
She makes a very good point. Anyway, Mr. Fillion is on EW's cover this week.

I'm kinda loving the constant interneting from Roger Ebert--I'm sorry he's lost his ability to speak, but  his electronic communication with the outside world is frequent and often pretty darned interesting. I'm not getting up in arms about his posting of links (he's upfront about the fact that he does make money off them which he uses to fund his website...and that if a new tax law comes into effect, he will probably be stopping that), and sometimes I don't recognise the people in the photos he posts (from various film festivals) unlabelled. But he posts lots of links to quickie articles, interviews, snippets people send him, etc.

Today's link from Mr. Ebert is from a site called How to be a Retronaut, and is Impractical Inventions from PopSci.  I used to love looking at all the inventions that featured in Popular Science--it was a long time before I understood that their inclusion didn't mean that they would necessarily ever exist (I read far above my age level for a long time. When I was 11, the town librarian told me I wasn't allowed into the adult section of the library until I was 12, after I borrowed a copy of Addie Pray. Not sure why that put her over, but it did.)
So...Sperm whales have names for each other.

A British woman has failed her Driver's Test 90 times now. And is still trying.
And, finally, if you're a Canadian, wandering around the downtown of whatever town you're in, and you're thirsty...there's an organisation which has got storeowners to agree to refill water bottles for anyone who asks. Stores are identified with the Blue W stickers. According to the article in The Toronto Star, it's not just stores--eight ReMax Real Estate locations signed up to be providers after hearing about the organisation. Read the story at the link.

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