Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday March 10

It took a bit of work but Entertainment writers finally found a way to make their "news" current when they started writing about musical acts who took money from Gaddafi for performing. The explanations are varied in the diffierent articles ("I didn't realise where the money was coming from!" "I didn't even know who I was performing for!"--'cause that whole "we're now landing in Libya" wasn't a real clue for that performer), but the reactions have been pretty uniform--how quickly can I donate that money to which charity and announce it? Huffington Post has a quick little photo essay on five of the singers...
There's a TeenNick? I did not know that! It's not in Canada yet...but as it's switching over to Retro 90s viewing, it should turn up soon enough.
Someone who hasn't been paying attention expresses surprise that the new Pokemon Black and White games sold one million copies in one day and wonders "...why is it still so popular?" Living in a house with kids of varying ages, I have to ask--when did it stop being popular? The cartoon is still on the air, and my kids argue everyday over who has whose copy of Pearl, Diamond, Red, Emerald, etc. Just last week, The Youngest Son informed me that I had to make time in my life to take him to a store to purchase his own copy of the game. After discovering that his eldest (adult) brother has purchased White, he's excited to purchase the other so they can play together and talk about it endlessly...
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- might end up as Photo Essay Thursday here in Brain Storm as I do have a few I want to share. This one is Ten Countries To Visit That Didn't Exist 20 Years Ago.  See how many you can name before you even click through (I failed!).

A video! This is of a high school student who uses his empty school hallways to make music...
So...companies are marketing genetic tests to parents alleging that they'll show what your child's athletic abilities you know what sports to sign them up for. There is absolutely no way that any of that can go badly.
The tiny, ridiculously brave 20 year old woman who took over as Police Chief in a Mexican town which had been without for a year because of the high number of Police Chiefs who died, not necessarily on the job, has now been fired "...for apparently abandoning her post after receiving death threats."  According to the story she had asked for and received a leave of absence to travel to the US but never returned. She has been receiving death threats (as did anyone else in the post). News reports cite an official who claims to have accompanied her to the airport when she left Mexico, but there is no verification of her present whereabouts, although there are reports that she is seeking asylum in the US. 

I imagine authorities are probably eager to prove that she is actually alive in order to get any new candidates for her job...

So, the 80s are back! Have been for a while in fashion, actually...and in the movies. But even with the nostalgia train running on, in a world of electronic Role Playing Games, and a world of LARPing, who ever expected to see a renewal of interest in...Dungeons and Dragons?
And lastly...a photo essay! This is from The Toronto Star, Afghanistan Doors.

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