Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday March 6

So, today was Will Eisner's birthday and Google decided that was something to make note today's Google graphic (is there a cutesy  name for them?) is in honour of Mr. Eisner.

One of the proudest possessions of my eldest boy would be the sketch Will Eisner did for him...and signed it scrawling, "And your dad's a great artist, too!"  (Okay, The Guy was pretty proud of that, too).
Sometimes, when I wander the internets in the morning, my tired eyes play tricks on me (for example, on HuffPo today when I was sure the caption on a picture read, "Why Huckabee dressed Natalie Portman"), so I had to read the following a couple times to actually make out the meaning of the words:

ABC casts a sexy Edgar Allan Poe--PHOTO
I'm not the only one who takes a few seconds to process that, right? Anyway, that's the claim--the alleged proof is over at
Watched The Secret of Kells with one of my boys yesterday. What a completely unbelievably beautiful movie that lives up to its inspiration. And in the world of computer animation, to see all that gorgeous hand-drawn illustration--gives me goosebumps. If you're a fan of animation, give it a look. And there's lots of other animated movie previews on the DVD I rented, including NFC gems--would be the first time I've not fast-forwarded through all the previews since...oh, ever, I believe..

ALSO watched Easy A. Struggling with a completely age-inappropriate crush on Emma Stone, not helped by the fact that my 15 year old is now struggling with a completely age-inappropriate crush on Emma Stone. She's gorgeous, she has a voice like that which made Kathleen Turner instantly famous once-upon-a-time, and she can act. The movie was good but not great (really required some explanation as to why guys weren't beating down her door to ask her out--was it because she has crazy artistic parents? Why doesn't she have friends?) The acting was inconsistent too--all the adults were amazing (LOVED Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci as her parents) but the kids were less so. Still a good watch.
And finally...a story from HuffPo about Roger Ebert, talking about how the web has saved his sanity. Whether you agree with his reviews or no, he always has something interesting to read. His Facebook fan page is filled with photos he's taken at film festivals, recipes, links to specials on'm always amused by the fan who announces that "enough is enough" that they thought they were only going to get links to film reviews from Ebert and that this is Too Much and now, they're "un-friending" him. Gotta love the folks who decide for you what your Facebook account is...(I always liken it to the idea that someone would engage you in an actual conversation and spend the whole time telling you what you got to say to them).

Ebert is also a faithful tweeter and has as much to say there as well. The HuffPo article is about a talk Ebert gave at TED about how the technology has helped him connect with the world. It's a good read.

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