Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday March 12

Thank god for the I can quickly Google, "What's the date today?" I usually only have a sense of whether it's a weekday or a weekend; because one requires me to get up an hour before The Teenager in a vain attempt to get him to school on time. The other is for sleeping in! Woo hoo!

Sometimes, I know what month it is--but the actual number is generally not on my radar.
Ahh, the internet...  The Guy was having major frustration because he posts cartoons to his art blog every Saturday and watches as the readers come. When anyone links to it, it's a good and exciting thing--unless they actually just post the whole cartoon to their blog, tag the heck out of it with everything but his name and don't link to ART LAND. Once that happens, it will get reblogged and off it goes...  He has actually sent out some letters and comments to people asking them not to post the whole cartoon (he generally does a vertical strip so that it's easy to excerpt the title card and the first panel) or at least to link to his site with his name listed. Of course, it's the Wild Wild West and you can't make anybody do anything--just hope that people enjoy your work!

All of that is to say...I'm posting a link to a cartoon which is clearly not from the originating site! But it was reposted from a Tumblr and so on and so forth. Tumblr is an interesting but often frustrating blogging platform--once someone posts something it's soooooo easy to reblog (one little click) but it's dependent upon the first person posting it with some level of attribution (which again, Tumblr makes very easy). But Tumblr is all about popularity and notes and reblogs so people will often just post with no link other than their own little Tumblr.

So, very long explanation, look at this funny cartoon:
An interesting, strange, crazy-ass idea for a skyscraper which would use lightning...for power. Check out the slideshow over at HuffPo.

An interesting little read from Alec Baldwin about how and why he was ousted from the sequels to The Hunt for Red October (I know they made a ton of money, but artistically--what a bad, bad decision. Alec was sooo believable as the young green agent just figuring everything out. Harrison Ford's entire persona was built on the "no matter what happens, I win" scenario. Was there ever any tension in either of the sequels? No.) that is a long introduction to his mini-lecture to Charlie Sheen.
In one of those odd resonating coincidences of life, colour photos from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake were publicised this week. Check out the slideshow. (on HuffPo, but Roger Ebert gave the heads up on these)
EW has a list of which shows are on the bubble, which are gone, which are completely utterly safe. Check for your favourites.
(If they cancel Supernatural, I may never ever watch tv again.)

The danger of letting my kids use my computer is that they often close links I have up despite fierce warnings not to do so...I made the mistake of trying to get some sleep yesterday, and the kids went WILD while I did so and closed my link to the following...luckily, I just remembered and found it again.

If you're a knitter and slightly off your's a knitting kit for you! You can (bwhahhahahahahahahahah) knit the entire royal family as they might look at William and Kate's upcoming wedding. (hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahaha!!!!) Seriously.

Okay, I'm done.

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