Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday March 8

I hope it's the 8th. I'm losing track of time...I cannot wait for March Break. Even if the children are screaming and fighting and playing violent video games at 7 in the morning; I am going to sleep in each and every morning.
So, there's this:  Lego South Park School Musical 2:  Do What You Wanna Do.

The subtitle of the article, Rules of Misbehavior asks,
Dan Savage, the brilliant and foul-mouthed sex columnist, has become one of the most important ethicists in America. Are we screwed?
It's an interesting article about Dan Savage, a divisive personality who has become larger-than-life thanks to his creation of It Gets Better. There are those who hate him and rail about his own prejudices which they see in his answers...reading this article, I want to see those answers in their original context , not excerpted. It's quite clear that he uses an intentionally inflammatory rhetoric when he answers people.I can't imagine most of them would look straightforward and obvious when taken out of context. That is not to say that I think people are imagining offense--it's clear that Savage has no problems giving offense.But context is everything.
(and I'm not trying to ameliorate anything about Dan Savage simply because I do find it amusing that he works at Ann Landers desk)
Now that Schwarzenegger has all that silly politics out of his system--he's back in to the movies. One wonders if he's decided that the Republican hope of changing the Constitution so that Schwarzenegger could be the first president not born on American soil isn't worth it simply because of the paycheque alone. According to this quickie from EW, Schwarzenegger says,
 he’s been approached about no less than 15 films, including new spins onTerminator, Predator, and The Running Man. 

And he's working on a comic book character. Of course. 'Cause they're just so easy and lucrative to do.
 (I had completely forgotten that Paul Michael Glaser directed The Running Man. Boy, Starsky has done a lot more than I thought he had)
Daniel Craig and Judi Dench have done a commercial for International Women's Day. It's getting a lot of press as Craig ends up in drag in it...but it's not for the funny. I'm still thoroughly unsettled by it...see what you think at
And finally, not only is George Miller really truly shooting that fourth Mad Max movie (with Charlize Theron as lead), he's shooting the FIFTH one at the same time.

I guess the world is full of people who don't remember the horror of Beyond Thunderdome (where the screenwriters, including one George Miller, thought it was important to rip off iconic lines from Indiana Jones and Star Wars). It's been OH MY GOD it's been twenty five years...okay, quiet moment here while I start to breathe again.'s been twenty five flipping years and I'm still not past it! The image of Tina Turner dressed as Grace Jones will haunt me for a long time.
(Wow. I'm pretty sure I never knew the character was named "Mad Max Rockatansky")


  1. There's a lot here to work with here, but, I, for one, would like to add, that I am really annoyed that when most kids today use the line "No matter where you go - there you are" they attribute it to THUNDERDOME and not BUCKAROO BANZAI.

    Oh, and like most people who have lost a lot of weight by whatever means neccessary and managed to keep it off, Dan Savage has a REAL issue with avoirdupoids in any form. I'd have a lot more respect for him if he didn't at some point resort to "Fatty fatty two by four" or something similar whenever someone disagreed with him, after he'd already insulted them.

    - Joe K

  2. I'd forgotten that line! Yeah, the screenwriters were pretty lazy for that one...

    Dan Savage seems to be an equal opportunity offender--he's slagged bisexuals (according to one answer he gave, they just aren't capable of being monogamous, and he leaves one with the impression that he thinks their same sex affairs are just for fun and they're always going to just "pretend" they're straight); transexuals and more. There are a lot of people in the LGBTQ community who have significant issues with him.

    He also used to be a big fan of outing people--although he now saves it for those he regards as being woefully hypocritical.

    That, and your point as well, are but part of why the writer is considering the pros and cons of Dan becoming seemingly more mainstream...there's a lot of material there to digest.