Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday! Yay, it's Friday! Friday March 4

Oh boy. End of week... possibility of actually sleeping tomorrow. Last weekend, had a sleepover party for the daughter and discovered that ten year old girls really can stay up all night long. Sure they then fall asleep when I send them girl fell asleep (lying on her floor reading a book) at 5:30pm and slept until 8am. I think, a week later, I'm still trying to get over the lack of sleep myself!
Salon's food writer, Francis Lam, was recommended to me only last year but has become one of my favourites. Today he has a slideshow of Toys that really cooked. I remember the excitement when I got an Easy Bake oven one Christmas and I was determined to pass that joy onto my daughter and got her one two years ago (they'd been unavailable for a number of years; they'd redesigned the ovens to look like microwaves...why I don't know as you don't bake in a microwave, but there you go...and the redesign unfortunately had some problem where little fingers could get stuck quite near the light bulb. One of two kids had to have fingers actually amputated after being damaged! Pretty gruesome thought for a fun toy). I think she ignored it for the longest time--then actually used up all the packages at once when an older cousin came over to play. The reality is that however fun it was to us, these kids are growing up with actual microwaves which they can easily use so there isn't that sense of kitchen-mystique.
(my oven was bright red. I loved it. My mother would give me a dollar and I would go to the store and buy a package of cake mix and eke it out over a week to make more little cakes. Eventually, I came home one day to discover that she'd given it away to a neighbour's daughter, Karin.  I was heartbroken)
Saw that a friend of my eldest child had posted these on his wall...check out the Batbling!

And...there's a whole collection, Noir for DC Comics!

And, from my "The World is a Strange and Interesting Place" dept:  Love affair doesn't void marriage contract, Judge rules
Look at THESE! I think these are so amazing! Designed by Moshe Safdie, Golden Dream Bay Sky Garden Apartments. Being built in China to be finished by 2014, by water, with rooftop gardens, all the buildings interconnected. Click through to see the entire slideshow.
We are living in the Anthropocene Era which is
 "a new name for a new geological epoch defined by humans' massive impact on the planet".

National Geographic has a photoessay on it; Huffington Post has a slideshow of some of the photos.


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