Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday March 16

Yep, I missed a couple of days. Being completely depressed and mildly terrified will do that to a person! I would have just ended up posting picture after picture of kittens.
The headline from The Toronto Star, on Saturday, read 83 rescued from Kentucky restaurant that floated down river  and I know that it's not a funny story, that would be pretty frightening--heck, I can barely stand on the end of a dock, or drive over a bridge...I would have died of a heart attack if I'd been on the boat. reminded me of when Captain John's in the Toronto Harbour, located on an actual boat, sank. Flash forward to me working in a restaurant, looking at an application for a waitress:

Reason for leaving last job:  Restaurant sank.

Strange coincidence that tsunamis are very much the news as reports come that archeologists truly believe that they've found Atlantis, which from Plato's description, they believe was destroyed by a tsunami off of Southern Spain. Story at HuffPo...
Jamie Lee Curtis, an American Red Cross supporter, has written a blog entry, at HuffPo about disaster preparedness. Give it a read and consider how well supplied you would be in an emergency...
I run hot and cold on Bill Maher and his opinions (politics, yes...women--Bill, please shut up)...but I both laughed and agreed with a monologue from his show Real Time about the shows that show millionaires and millionaire bosses finding out what it's like to one of the "little guys" (ie, poor), and then "reward" them with some of their money after. It's funny...and informative. Although quotes like,
This is America, where the top 400 people have more money than the bottom 150 million combined.
might blow your brain circuits for a few minutes and you might have to rewatch the video to get it all.
The Guy and I were talking about Marlo Thomas just the other day...and I clicked on HuffPo to check it out...and there was Marlo. Who knew she blogs there? Not me, clearly. In fact, Ms. Thomas also has her own eponymous website, keeping the cause going. This blog entry is a nice little read about the early days of her career and politicization, with a photo essay from her own personal collection (so funny that you really don't need Marla to point out that Bella Abzug is always, always "the one in the hat"). Lots of who's who of the Women's Movement, as it was known waaaaay back then. Ah, the old days when people would mock it and tell stories of women burning their bras, and men would laugh heartily about how they were willing to give women the right to walk around without bras. Fun....because, of course, we've come so far. Right?

I'm sure there's a way that this is a bad, bad joke and someone will whack me for including this...but I actually think these (FAKE! They're clearly FAKE and no one will really get their leg trapped, okay!) Hipster Traps are amusing. Perhaps I'm easily amused...perhaps hipsters deserve it. You be the judge...
(the Daughter has decided that, at the age of ten, she is a hipster and that she is in a band called The Hipster Chicks. We had to go shopping for skinny jeans, Converse sneakers and many black shirts with graphic images. When we came home, her brother who likes to wage a lengthy and confusing verbal war against Hipster culture came racing up to inspect her purchases. "Turn around! Turn around so I can see that t-shirt...does it have a graphic image? Tell me the truth--is there...a...GRAPHIC IMAGE on that?!" His sister was not sure for a moment if it was actually a shtick as he managed to give "graphic image" the absolute right inflection so that it sounded like the worst epithet on earth. He eventually announced he couldn't live in the house anymore and stormed out...  Okay, he eventually returned. It was really cold out.)

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