Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday March 2

I haven't had official offical really official confirmation yet...but I'm almost pretty sure that The Northern Guard #2 is out today! Check out your Local Comic Book Store for a copy (and if they don't have one, ask them what's wrong with them? Haven't they seen the reviews?)
The Guy is currently addicted to a YouTube video about a pig and a baby monkey. For the link, and a pic of the present he made based on the video, check out Ty Templeton's ART LAND.
Lots of articles and excitement about one Ms. Amanda Hocking:  frustrated with the lack of interest from traditional publishing houses, Hocking put her novels online herself. Over 900,000 downloads later, keeping 70% of the profits, she's feeling pretty proud of herself and her accomplishments--and with darned good reason. Read a quick article at Business Insider about her, a slightly more in-depth report via Huffington Post (which will leave you wondering where the first site got the photo that makes her look like a slightly Goth-wanna-be teenager and not a grown woman). Lastly, she has her own blog where she posts corrections for some of the information going 'round! (and the avatar is the photo used by the first site. I guess that looks like the person who would write these novels...)

It's a pretty interesting read, and quite the success story.
A quick read from Jezebel:  Girls Underestimate Their Own Intelligence.

Every time I think I've seen the strangest idea for an ongoing series, Television pops up with something new to make me double-take...How about Extreme Couponing?  It isn't a special--IT'S A SERIES.
And reports that Warner Bros., after releasing TWO sequels to The Lost Boys (the second starred Keifer Sutherland's lookalike younger half-brother), they are seriously (insert laugh track here) considering a FOURTH (again) movie and an ongoing tv series. I'm speechless. Are you speechless?

Actually, after Extreme Couponing, I guess anything is possible...


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