Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday March 19

It's Saturday. Yep. It's a convention weekend (Wizard World Toronto Comic Con) but The Guy has been sick the last few days. And he stayed up all night to finish his Saturday Morning Bun Toon because it's the one year anniversary of Bun Toons and he didn't want to just recycle (which is what I, wanting more sleep had suggested). So, I'm going to make it quick with MY blog so I can go off and colour today's which is about...well, you'll just have to wait and see it.
Oh, wait--I have to get a cup of coffee first. Then, I start.

Here we go...
It ain't a pop culture reference, but it's a headline that certainly caught and kept my attention:  according to The Toronto Star, Power Firms were paid millions not to generate power. The study specifically concerns Ontario and it should wipe the "I. Am. Canadian." smugness off of your face if you live in the same province as do I.  I may never actually smile again...  For anyone who shook their head but then postulated as to how Enron could happen in the States because, well--you know, and was very vague about how corruption exists anywhere but in the perfection that is the Frozen North, think again. The article is, we have to figure out how to get some changes.
Starring Adam West..saw this on Adam West's Facebook Fan Page (he's not as much fun to follow as Roger Ebert, but he does post some cute photos).A fan is making a film of Adam West in the hopes of getting him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and has a listing at KickStarter looking for investors. Check it out...
Starring Adam West
(I have mentioned on another blog how the kids almost spilled hot dogs and ketchup all over Mr. West as we were exiting an elevator at Fan Expo 2010...boy, does he look good. Really good.)
I feel that I will have a need to comment on this more extensively elsewhere (is it sad, ridiculous or what that I have to think "which blog? which blog?" when I want to write an entry...there are a few now, some off the radar), but I'm starting here. So...big breath, here I go...

According to this article from The Toronto Star, and Men's Health magazine did a survey together and discovered that 1 in 4 women did not like the marriage proposal they received from their male partner. I discovered that I apparently want to cause injurious harm to 1 in 4 married women.

There's more at the link...I'm probably going to get really angry if I write too much about it at the moment (and I have that colouring to do, remember?). If  I read again about women who talk about how hard it was because they were anticipating the proposal for so long and then the man didn't come through with one that they thought was romantic or profound enough...  Or how hard it was to wait for years until he propopsed (wait? WAIT?). Or the woman who mentions that they actually bought the damned ring TOGETHER but then he was left to come up with the romantic proposal.

Okay, I get that the whole wedding thing does nothing for me...frankly, the whole marriage thing means a big nada to me. That the parents in my second family were together almost 46 years before he died didn't manage to counteract growing up in a household where divorce filings came along every couple years...and life would have been a lot easier if just one of them had actually gone through. There were some really great reasons to get divorced. So, I'm disinclined if ya know what I mean...but I think if you're living with someone and they are your life-partner (the expression for a common-law or same-sex partner back in the old days when people were trying to get comfortable with the shock of such a thing), and you actually BUY THE RING TOGETHER, then I think you've clearly decided that you're getting married. That's the point of the ring, right? Ring means engaged. If you're engaged, you're getting married. To pick out the ring together and then wait for him to surprise you with the perfect proposal? Seriously? No wonder you're disappointed--anytime your argument is that you "helped" pick out (the unnecessary and expensive) ring ("because he might not get the right one") you obviously have very clear ideas as to what the proposal should be. At that point, you should probably plan that too. And probably propose to him, too. And you might want to apologise--"By the way, although this is supposed to be a big moment, and I made it into this big thing that you had to do before I would agree to marry you when you presented me with the ring I picked out and made you pay for...I just want you to know that I'm going to be incredibly picky like this for the rest of our lives together. Are you sure this is the best decision for you?"

Just sayin'.

Ah cynicism out of the way...what now?
Spoke too soon!

So, Morgan Spurlock has a new documentary and it's a doozy! It's called The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and it's about advertising. And Morgan Spurlock being Morgan Spurlock, he financed it by getting advertising...including selling the space above the title. Seriously.

There's a trailer at the link on I laughed my ass off. See if yours remains on.

A nice little review from of Limitless. I actually had little interest in this movie, but Charlie Jane Anders argues that if asked, she would have picked this as the Philip Dick movie, not The Adjustment Bureau. The review is interesting...certainly makes it seem like a much more interesting movie than I'd imagined.
This has nothing to do with anything...and I actually hate bathing suits, but while hop skip jumping around the internet last night, I happened upon a site called Mod Cloth, which features indie designers who have a decidedly vintage vibe to their work. If you like that sort of thing, give it a look...there's a lot more than just bathing suits at the site. But boy, the bathing suits are really nice.

When you read the header All Eighty Variant Covers of Godzilla #1 from IDW,you immediately have some ideas and they're probably not polite ones. But I'm here to tell you--this is SO COOL. And smart. I think it's incredibly smart and savvy...IDW offered retailers that if they ordered 500 copies of Godzilla #1 that the cover would feature their store being stomped by Godzilla! Advertising for the store, the comic and IDW all in one nice little cover illo. The article points out that only 75 stories chose to do so--but 500 is an incredible order these days (the biggest store in downtown TO doesn't order over 150 for it's best selling issues), and 75 x 500?  Well, I'm a girl so I can't do the math, but I'm pretty sure that's an impressive amount. And probably a lot more than Godzilla #1 might normally sell. Click through and read and check out the covers...I'm seriously going to find me one of these.
Here's a PhotoEssay for Torontonians...where famous people lived in Toronto. James Earl Ray, Michael Cera, Lester Pearson and Neil Young amongst others are featured. How's that for an eclectic group?
I'm off to colour...check in at Bun Toons in a couple of hours to see the results. And if you're in Toronto, come down to the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con...we should be there by 1:30ish (depending on how this colouring and The Guy's need for sleep goes).


  1. This makes me think of my own perfect proposal...

    We were homeless, sitting on a friend's balcony. It was getting chilly and we were cuddling as close as we could on two cheap plastic chairs. We had no idea what was going to happen next. It was intense and scary at the same time. We had experienced a lot of recent disappointments and hard times. I leaned my head in on his shoulder.

    "This is really good, what we have." I said.
    "Yep." He agreed.
    "We're going to get married, aren't we?"
    "Yeah, I think so."

    The end.

  2. Damn my cynical heart! THAT is a perfect proposal.
    thanks, BBB

  3. (But THAT'S what I mean--you're together, you know it, you discuss it. WTH is "I waited for him to propose" especially if it comes after the news that you bought a ring TOGETHER? Feminism might move a little faster if women stopped waiting around for their male partner to "ask" for their hand in marriage. And asking the father's permission? Oh. Oh. Oh.