Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday March 3

So...I was wrong and the Northern Guard #2 wasn't out yesterday.

Move along...
This one is pretty self-explanatory:  Julie Taymor breaks silence on 'Spiderman:  Turn Off the Dark'. (wow--that title just gets stupider every time I see it)
Another writer weighs in on the idea that there's something so right about all the Charlie Sheen nonsense, this time choosing the word "refreshing" as in, What's weirdly refreshing about Charlie Sheen. Personally, I don't think there's anything refreshing about a guy who is charged more than ONCE with assaulting a woman--let alone one who gets away with it how many times now?
Told The Guy about Diane Lane being cast as Ma Kent in the new Superman movie. He winced. "But Diane Lane--she's hot!" Heh. Diane Lane is our age. Diane Lane is the mother of a teenager...Diane Lane is in her 40s. She's now in Hollywood's magic "what do we do with a woman that old" bracket.
Breathe easy, World!! Apparently, Donald Trump's consideration of a presidential campaign is actually an elaborate publicity campaign.
A quickie article from The Daily Mail (yeah, yeah, I know!) about The Decade of the UFO...the 70s. That was the highpoint of sightings and it's been downhill since then...
Only spotted this today, sorry...  Brian Cronin of Comic Book Resources is doing a daily review/recommendation for Month of LGBT Comics.
Cats prefer extroverts and think women are more fun:  study


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