Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday March 7, 2011

I'm always a sucker for a good photo essay...this one is from Salon, Ruins of the American Dream, a slideshow of abandoned mines.
Because I'm starting out on Salon...Mary Elizabeth Williams has a complaint about 80s nostalgia movies (triggered by Take Me Home Tonight) complaining that they "sell a cheery misrepresentation of a feel-bad time". She specifically cites that the movie is set in 1988 and seems out of touch with the reality of that actual time...and I'll confess that from the examples she uses, it does seem like it needed to be set in...1984. Perhaps they didn't want to have a lot of self-referential jokes needing to be made.

My only suggestion would be that the movies are being made by people who were in their late teens-early 20s in that time period...because the reality is that if you weren't out in the big bad business world, it was a fun feel-good time period. Probably much like every decade not involving a world wide war or massive depression would be. Young adults find a way to have fun and party before they become responsible adults. And whichever decade you did that in seems a little brighter and a little more fun than the decade in which you find yourself worrying about your retirement fund, a new roof for your house and whether your kid's teacher is going to phone to complain about your child's lack of homework.
Say "Cyndi Lauper" and notice if you just started grinning a bit...if you grew up with her music, it's impossible not to have a residual fondness for her no matter how many times you heard Time after Time and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. Check out video of her leading a singalong of the latter at Buenos Aires airport--allegedly to calm angry stranded passengers.


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