Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday March 16

Trying to get back on track with my schedule today...TCW's Fit to Print is tonight, and I have lots of work to get prepped for Wizard World Toronto Comic Con this weekend (for The Guy, not myself). So, just a few quickies today...
According to Gawker TV, This Video Will Tell You if You're Prone to Mind Control.  Ahh, the dilemma--obviously, with that title you feel like you should resist the urge to click...but with that title, how can you? You have to find out what the heck it's all about...
Obviously, I spent a bit of time on Gawker yesterday, (I'm sorry), 'cause I found the story on Russian Bomb Squad Successfully Defuses Sex Toy there as well.
(No word on whether it was one of THESE **NSFW**--don't sip your coffee as you click the would be a shame to spit-take it all up)
Instead of cognitive behavioural therapy (which, as the article points out, involves contact with people) how about cognitive-bias modification therapy...self-directed from your computer?
Because of all the interest last week in Amanda Hocking, the new queen of self-publishing, HuffPo has a slideshow of others for your inspiration or just plain old information.

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