Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday March 25

Hmmm...what to say, what to say?
So, as per Elizabeth Taylor's instructions, her funeral started fifteen minutes late on Thursday--so she could be late to her own funeral. A sense of humour even in death.

The headline pretty much says it all, "Autistic boy, 12, with higher IQ than Einstein develops his own theory of relativity".. His professors are hoping that he'll begin work as an astrophysics researcher soon.
(Be aware that the link is to The Daily Mail...for starters, they call him "autistic", then later state that he has Asperger's "a mild form of autism" which it is not.).
Absolutely nothing profound here! I just really liked this idea...and I don't even "do" my nails...
Comics creator Stuart Immonen has a take on the new American Idol judges...and it seems to be "la plus ça change, la plus c'ést la mème chose." Click through to check out the blog, maison immonen.
And to finish out the work week...Movie/Line has The Eight Most Memorable Elizabeth Taylor Cameos. I never watched television as a child, so I had absolutely no idea that Elizabeth and RICHARD BURTON had done an episode of Lucille Ball's sitcom. Really, truly. And not just a glorified cameo--Burton had a role to play!

(which reminds me--and I hope I get most of the details right!!...I think it was when Phil Donahue was planning to end his eponymous talk show--that which beget Oprah Winfrey--and he was doing a series of shows with "best of" moments. In one of them, while showing a clip of Richard Burton, he explained that Burton, despite the money, despite the extravagance, despite Elizabeth Taylor and the jewels, was famously...actually I don't even know what word I want. Parsimonious? Always concerned with the bottom line? Anyway, when asked to be a guest on the show, Burton asked if he would be paid for his appearance. When told that only members of the American actor's union, and that it was a token amount (I think $600ish?), Burton promptly became a member.)

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