Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday March 21

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Yeah, I'm not excited either. First day back from March Break and it's pouring rain--I feel for the teachers who are going to have a bunch of overexcited kids completely off schedule after a week at home...and they can't send them outside to run it off. Yikes. Then, they send those kids back home, completely wired for sound. Double Yikes.
So, the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con was this past weekend. Sequential has a list of links of people talking about it, complaining about it, being happy about it (including a link to my write-up over at KEIREN SMITH. You'll just have to take my word for it as they list me as "Kieron").
Instead of one the usual whacky funny comics, xkcd has a Radiation Dose Chart. Although, maybe in a way it's whacky-funny given how terrified people are making themselves running around buying up all the iodine pills--even in Ontario. But only if you're easily amused, I's sad to me, how panicked people are, how willing to be terrified by the media, and how unwilling to do some research and figure it out...  But take a look at the chart and get a sense of what dangers you personally are facing. (Of course, all it will do is make some people buy lead vests with which to sit in front of their computer monitors).
Last week, there was a viral video--no, not the girl singing--the video of an overweight 16 year old being bullied by a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds, who finally snaps and body slams his 12 year old tormentor. Most people cheered and roared approval--I was frankly shocked by the body slam (although I completely understood where it came from). Probably the really shocking part to me was the fact that after he does so, the kids don't back off--they, in fact, try to go after him because, of course, now he's gone after their buddy and rather than seeing it as fair, now they have an excuse. Bullies are like that.

Anyway, an Australian tv show has an interview with the victim in which he talks about his years of bullying, being abandoned by his friends and being essentially alone except for an older sister (who is not at the school). By the end of it, I wish I'd bodyslammed the other boy. I hope that Casey gets some actual real live friends to be with, to support him and "have his back" and not just the army of online supporters...(if you click the photo, there's a link to a second story)
Absolutely nothing seems to impact on Canadians' opinions of Stephen Harper and The Harper Government currently running Canada without any interest in the will of the people, but here is a story on the escalation of their smear campaign against Michael Ignatieff. This time, Ignatieff is furious that the Tories are actually running an ad smearing his parents.

I, for one, am getting sick to death of Canadians who refuse to see anything wrong with anything the government does under the guise of, "Well, it's not as bad as in the States--this is all small-potatoes stuff." Yeah--the potatoes we know about. Let's try and remember that potatoes are buried in the ground out of sight and we don't know they're there until we dig them up...

So, any time spent reading the news this morning and you will feel like Life Sucks. So, here's a bunch of photos of Saturday's "Super Moon"
....and one of cute baby animals. Squee, loosen up some of that tension...then head off to start your day.


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